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Storage Services in Tallahassee

Tallahassee, Florida Long & Short Term Storage Units

Griner Moving Services provides convenient storage services for both residential and commercial customers. Your home or office belongings will be kept in an individual storage unit for added security and to ensure your property is not mixed with someone else’s.

Our storage plans range from short term to long term and are perfect for:

  • Those who are moving between homes
  • Individuals stuck between leases
  • Homeowners who are waiting for renovations to be completed
  • Those who have excess and bulky furniture
  • Students returning home for the summer
  • People who are leaving to study abroad
  • Individuals who have taken a short-term work assignment overseas
  • Those who need to move office documents and equipment offsite
  • Individuals who need to store seasonal belongings

Sometimes residential and commercial moving requires storage for items, whether it be short term or long term. At Griner Moving Services, we provide storage services to take that hassle off your shoulders. We have secured, private storage units at our office warehouse that are available for your belongings and extra storage needs. Plus, our professional and polite workers will do all the work for you.

If you require storage services in Tallahassee, call Griner Moving Services at 850-505-3900 today.

The Three Rules of Successful Storage

When it’s time to place your belongings in storage it’s important to follow a few simple guidelines, three rules for your best storage experience include:

  • Pack it correctly – There are two primary concerns when it comes to packing items correctly. First, you will want to pack your items in a manner that saves the most space. Second, you will need to ensure that specific specialized items are prepped and packed in the safest possible manner. Some of these items include, electronics, musical instruments, refrigerators and freezers, gasoline-equipped items, standing lamps, and metals.
  • Label it correctly – It’s a pain to get everything packed up and realize that you don’t know where you put something – or anything! Proper organization of your storage items is essential. Your boxes should be appropriately labeled and added to an inventory list.
  • Transport it safely – In order to protect your belongings, great care needs to be taken in the moving process. No matter how good a driver someone is, the constant stop and go, as well as certain road defects, can cause items to shift in a moving truck. It’s crucial to ensure that they are appropriately secured.

There is no better way to store your belongings than by working with Griner Moving Services. Our experienced team is licensed and insured for your total peace of mind, and we will make sure that the job is done right.

Contact us for a free estimate on what storage options are best for your move.