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What to Expect From Your Move

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Whether you are looking to move across the country or just down the street, you need to have a moving company you can rely on every step of the way. Here at Griner Moving Services, you can trust that our entire team is dedicated to this primary mission – ensuring that your whole move is streamlined, simple, and smooth, without any inconvenient “potholes” along the way.

From the first time that you get in touch with our company to set an appointment to the moment when the last hand-carved stool has been unloaded and arranged in your new kitchen, you will be fully supported by our knowledgeable, friendly, and professional team members. We do not aim to just meet your expectations, but far surpass them, which is why we never take any payment until you have shown us you are fully satisfied.

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Setting Up Your Appointment

When it comes to booking your appointment, our goal is to make the process as streamlined as possible, tailored and customized to your exact preferences and schedule. Do not be afraid of asking hundreds of questions since our friendly team is eager to help. In fact, our owners are always on-site to help give you direct walkthroughs and estimates themselves. If questions for further clarification come up throughout the entire moving process, rest assured that we will be available to offer comprehensive support.

How Long Will My Moving Process Take?

Here at Griner Moving Services, we know that you have important schedules to keep, which is why we will work off your calendar. Of course, every specific situation can be different, depending on the types of objects we are moving, the location you are moving from, and the location you are moving to.

Some of the specific factors which can affect the length of your move can include elements such as:

  • The number of boxes you possess
  • The amount of furniture, large or small, that you have
  • The range of odds and ends which need to be moved
  • The number of stairs and floor levels which your belongings must be carried up or down
  • Whether or not there are any elevators present at your current location or your new location
  • The length, number, and spacing of hallways and rooms
  • Whether there is ample spacing for the moving truck to park in
  • The quantity of objects that need to first be taken apart before they are reassembled and reinstalled

Our Moving Equipment

Another factor that sets Griner Moving Services apart from other moving companies is that we do not need to rent out others' moving equipment, since we provide all of our own moving tools and pieces. Not only does this reduce the overall cost of the move, but it extends the time we can help you, since we do not need to worry about returning the equipment to another company. Any necessary tool, from padding and packing supplies, trolleys, carts, harnesses, blankets, and whatever else that might be needed, will all be ready and waiting so that we can get your move done in the most efficient way possible.

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