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Since there are often many different moving companies, the process of selecting one can sometimes seem difficult. What sets our company apart from everyone else is that we will go the extra mile for you, and we mean that literally and figuratively. No matter what questions you have about the complications of the moving process, our team at Griner Moving Services can put all of your anxieties to rest. Our highly trained local movers are ready to provide a solution for any challenge you are encountering. Consult our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about our comprehensive services.

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What Paperwork Should a Moving Company Provide?

It is absolutely essential to have key moving forms filled out long before you even start loading everything into the moving vehicles. From the time of the estimate, every reliable mover is required to provide certain documents to you.

These critical paperwork forms include:

  • A hard and soft copy of a written estimate, whether the estimate is actually binding or non-binding
  • A copy of a document regarding both your rights and your responsibilities during the move
  • Forms supplying crucial information about any settlements or arbitration processes for neutral disputes, should this ever be necessary
  • A copy of the moving company’s information and how to get in touch with the moving crew or the office staff regarding any questions you want answered

What Is a Bill of Lading?

This term is a phrase that you will hear many times during your moving process. The bill of lading is the most important paperwork you must have, a legally mandated contract made between you and the moving company. This bill acts as a receipt, including all the details of what goods are being carried, along with information of where the items are coming from and where they are going. This ensures the legality of your property's transferal and that the moving company is accountable to delivering everything in perfect condition. It is essential to keep this document safe on your person at all times until the move is finished.

What If My Belongings Are Not Picked Up or Delivered on Time?

One of the reasons your bill of lading is so important is that it details the exact standards with which your movers must comply. While there tends to be a small grace period for "reasonable dispatch" requirements, the bill of lading will otherwise hold movers accountable to a set date. The contract will also address if there are possible exceptions for unforeseen delays and emergencies, such as sudden weather catastrophes.

What if My Belongings Are Not Delivered as Promised?

Here at Griner Moving Services, our team is dedicated to making sure all of your belongings arrive safely and on time. We will not even take any of the moving fees until you have been completely satisfied with our handiwork.

Will My Final Bill Be the Same as the Price Originally Quoted to Me?

At other companies, you can never be sure how many extra bills will be tacked on at the end. This will never happen with Griner Moving Services, however. All of our pricing is completely upfront. You will never be surprised by hidden fees after the move, added for extra mileage, steps and staircases, or even insurance fees.

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