Top 5 Apartment Moving Tips

Whether you’re moving into a student apartment in Tallahassee or a non-student apartment in one of Tallahassee’s best neighborhoods, moving can be a ton of work! We’ve gathered our top 5 favorite moving tips to help kick-start your Tallahassee apartment move.

Tip #1: Make a Game Plan

Moving can be overwhelming and you may not know where to start. Do yourself a favor and make a game plan. First, figure out what is needed for your new apartment. Answer questions like is my space furnished or unfurnished? If you know you’re going to need furniture start the search from home! Keep an eye out for local furniture store sales and ask family members and neighbor if they have any furniture they are looking to sell or give away for free. A quick steam clean and it will be just like new! Start a group chat with roommates and plan what each person is bringing. Do you need any small appliances like a toaster or coffee maker? Pick a move in date and time and determine how long the move will take and if you will need help.

Tip #2: Write a List

It is important that your new space has everything you need in it. Determine how much of your belongings will be coming with you. Are the winter jackets making the cut? Think about everything that a functioning home needs, even the boring stuff like a shower curtain or a plunger. Check out this furnished apartment shopping list for good idea of what to buy. Your list should also include must-do items for move-in day like setting up an internet connection or the utilities.

Tip #3: Pack Smart

Everyone packs differently, but there are a few things to keep in mind for a seamless move. Start packing early to give yourself a head start. Labeling is key for having an organized unpacking in your new space. Try labeling by what room the item goes in or by the category it belongs in. Clothes can be moved on the hanger, but in a trash bag for an easy closet unpack. Always protect your glassware by tucking them in your softest items like linens or towels. If you’re moving drawers leave your items inside and simply tape them up. The more organized and straightforward your packing is, the easier your move will be!

Tip #4: Clean, Organize and then Decorate

While it may be tempting to immediately decorate your space to feel like home, it is best advised to clean and organize the space first. Give yourself a fresh start by cleaning any dirtiness left by past tenants and setting a standard for living for your home. Then, sort your items into their appropriate rooms and find the best way they fit into the space. Take advantage of organizers like boxes and bins to give the space a clean, tidy look. Once all your items have found their new space in your home, it is time to add your personal touch with decorations.

Tip #5: Work with Experienced Movers

Now that you have prepped and planned for your move, let the professionals handle the heavy lifting. Movers will have all the supplies and experience needed for a seamless move and can even assist in the packing process. Wherever you’re moving in Tallahassee, Griner Moving Services will ensure high quality customer service during your safe, easy move. It is advised to book your moving services in advance for a moving experience that is stress-free.