What to Know About Tallahassee

Fun facts about Tallahassee

Origin of the name

The name of the city, Tallahassee, is usually translated as either “old fields” or “old town.” Tallahassee is a Muskogean Indian word, and it is believed to stem from the Creek Indians, which were later called Seminole, who came to the today’s city area at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, migrating from the states of Georgia and Alabama. They reportedly named the city, and it hasn’t changed since.

Christmas facts

Even though Tallahassee is one of the hottest areas and cities in the state of Florida, in 1989 the city’s residents had the rare opportunity to celebrate a white Christmas. Tallahassee is located in a sub-tropical climate, so snow is something that is not seen very often, or at all.

According to some historians, Tallahassee was the place where first Christmas in the United States was celebrated. The celebration reportedly took place in the De Soto encampment in 1539. It was the encampment of a Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto, established in the area where today’s Tallahassee lies.

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory or simply the MagLab, is a facility located in Tallahassee’s Florida State University and it is known in the world as the biggest magnet laboratory, as well as the highest powered one. The most fascinating thing about it is that with all the equipment there, it can generate a magnetic field so powerful that it can be a million times stronger that the Earth’s magnetic field.

Universities and education

The State of Florida has a total of eleven universities, and two of those are located in its capital, Tallahassee. Those are Florida State University (FSU) and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU). FSU has a total of over 40,000 students and FAMU almost 11,000, making Tallahassee a real student town. Interestingly, the two universities are located just a few blocks from each other.

Given the city’s two universities and amount of students that attend it, it is no surprise that Tallahassee has a very educated population. As much as half of the population has a university degree, whether bachelor or higher.

And one more interesting fact, FSU employs nearly 14,000 people, which makes it the city’s second largest employer. Griner Moving Services, the best movers in Tallahassee, also employ many workers.

Climate and temperatures

Given that the city is in the sub-tropical climate, it not surprising that Tallahassee is a very hot town, and even one of the hottest in Florida, reaching temperatures as high as 100 degrees sometimes. But, ironically, it is also one of Florida’s coldest cities during winter. The lowest recorded temperature, in 1899, was -2 degrees, and it was the only time when it went below zero in entire Florida so far.

FSU Circus

Florida State University has one very interesting extra-curricular activity – circus. It is called FSU Flying High Circus, and everyone is welcome to join, the only condition being that they are enrolled at FSU. The circus doesn’t involve any animal acts, but only an array of different acrobatic activities and performances.