Top Restaurants in Tallahassee

Best restaurants in Tallahassee

This great college city of Tallahassee, being also a great tourist city with many interesting attractions, has also something to offer when it comes to food and restaurants. So let’s check out where you can relax and have something amazing to eat after a long day of working, studying or sightseeing.

Breakfast food restaurants

Start your day satisfied and full of energy in some of the best restaurants that serve breakfast food. Visit Canopy Road Café and try some of their most creative and delicious pancakes, with portions big enough to satisfy anyone’s needs. If you got to Uptown Café, you will find a diverse and eclectic menu, with healthy food to charge you up for the beginning of the day, whether you’re a businessman, a student, or a family with children.

Kool Beanz Café

In 2013, Kool Beanz was named the best restaurant in Tallahassee, and it is still living up to its name. You can enjoy a relaxed lunch with a group of friends or family, or an intimate dinner date in a place full of art and drawings of local artists. The food is as interesting and as eclectic as the restaurant’s ambience, and it can suit a whole range of tastes and styles.

Bella Bella

Are you in the mood for some Italian food? Go straight to Bella Bella, a family-owned Italian restaurant that has been open for business for more than 14 years. It is one of the favorite local restaurants among the Tallahassee residents. It is mix of modern and classic setting, where you can enjoy some of the most delicious home-made Italian food such as gnocchi and different pasta, as well as chicken gnocchi soup or spinach ravioli.

El Jalisco

It is said to be one of the best Mexican restaurants in the State of Florida, and given that it has spread across the state, with seven different locations, there must be some truth to it. It is very authentic, serving delicious food full of flavor and fresh ingredients, for example chile relleno or shrimp a la diabla. This restaurant is a favorite of Griner Moving Services, one of the top moving contractors in Tallahassee, FL.

101 Restaurant

This innovative restaurants always tries to bring something new to the table, by changing the way they prepare and combine different foods. Customers keep pouring in to try some of their finest local ingredients and unique meals. They are located on one of the best locations downtown, in the Kleman Plaza, right next to the Capitol and within a walking distance from the Florida State University. It is no wonder then that many politicians, as well as students and professors can be seen eating there throughout the day.

The Front Porch

This is a seafood restaurant, and one of the most popular ones in the Northern Florida. What is unique about it, apart from the food, is that, stemming from its name, you eat your food on a beautiful natural porch beneath the oak trees. The unique aspect of the food they serve is that they use local farm-to-table produce, i.e. organic, fresh ingredients.